MAPP® / Propane Torches with Crosswirl™ Burners

Industrial Performance Torches using one pound portable tanks, These torches will solder and braze all new high temperature soldering alloys. They are light, very maneuverable, and portable.

CROSSTECH™ TORCHES are high performance tools designed to burn MAPP® and propane gas at maximum efficiency. Change from MAPP® to propane with a simple setting of the regulator knob. They have been engineered to provide years of uninterrupted service. This is made possible by a patented, all metallic construction of mechanical excellence. Only premium quality materials are used. The high performance regulator can also used on larger MAPP™ and propane outfits using our optional adapter.

The interchangeable stainless steel torch tips provide a very intense vortex combustion which involves a CROSSWIRL™ burner. This high performance burner results in higher work temperatures in less time, lowering fuel costs.

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